Outsource your contracts to
on business.

Contract management should act like a well-oiled machine—fast, efficient, reliable, and seamless.

The unfortunate reality? In-house contract review and management of non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and other legal contracts are problematic.

Companies often experience slow turnaround, inconsistent quality, and high costs. This leads to talent bandwidth and expertise issues, exposing companies to serious business and legal risks.

Alternatively, outsourcing contract processing to a law firm is costly.

We saw the pain points companies experienced with contract management and outsourcing and knew there had to be a better way.

Our established, end-to-end contract management solution is different.

Legal Outsourcing Brochure (PDF)
Legal Outsourcing Brochure (PDF)

Why outsource contracts?

Why Outsource Contracts? Guaranteed Timing Fast Turnarounds Fixed Pricing Free Up Internal Resources Limit Deal Friction Reliable Execution Skilled Resources Market Knowledge Enhance Compliance Analytics and Reporting
  • Fast and efficient service

    Guaranteed half-day turnarounds, often far faster

    Unique expedited requests handled rapidly at agreed-upon terms

    Global model ensures our dedication to responsive turnaround

    Dedicated e-signature platform for quick finalization

    Continued monitoring for further edits and responses

  • Reliable Execution

    Streamlined work-flow and review processes for 1000s of contracts/year

    Breadth and depth of experience

  • Highest quality service

    Experienced lawyers trained in best practices

    Highest quality control measures

    Superior customer service with a dedicated team

    Specialized performance, compliance, and data reporting

    Flexible technology platform supports custom processes with an easy user experience

    Sell-side specialists

  • Flexible pricing model

    Flat fees

    No minimums

    Volume discounts

Our Contract Lifecycle

When you outsource your contract management to Sterlington, you experience a seamless process, so you concentrate on business.

Contract lifecycle management: 1) Submit 2) Intake 3) Review 4) Negotiate 5) Finalize
“Everyone is very happy with Sterlington and its team and contract management service. It was a smooth transition, and it has been very efficient. I couldn't be happier.”

Chief Operating Officer

Global Investment Firm

“It is so refreshing that we don't have to use Excel to manage our non-disclosure agreements anymore. They often lead to errors. Now everyone can see everything on one screen.”

Chief Operating Officer

Private Equity Firm

“Sterlington has been a game changer in lifting the routine contract management from [our] team's plate.”

Director of Marketing Operations

Growth Equity Firm with $900mm AUM

“The transparency provided with Sterlington's contract management platform helped us to be more consistent.”

General Counsel

Advisory and Private Equity Firm