What Is a Virtual Law Firm & Why Should You Work With One?


Explore what a virtual law firm is as we delve into what it does and how joining a virtual law firm can help you grow your practice.

What Is a Virtual Law Firm?

According to a 2022 national survey sponsored by the American Bar Association, most lawyers desire the flexibility to work remotely—actively and virtually participating in negotiations, meetings, court hearings, conferences, and legal training sessions.

The survey “Where Does the Legal Profession Go from Here?” reveals that remote options are particularly crucial for young lawyers. 44% of them expressed their willingness to switch jobs so they could work remotely.

These findings underscore how the “Zoom Boom” has found its way into the legal profession. Lawyers are embracing remote work, especially after the pandemic. They increasingly explore alternative work setups that offers flexibility, work-life balance, and an inclusive working culture.

In addition to its attractive financial model, this flexibility is part of why virtual law firms are gaining traction.

A virtual law firm allows lawyers to work from their chosen location. It caters to highly dedicated lawyers seeking flexibility to achieve goals from anywhere.

With a virtual law firm, lawyers from different practice areas can collaborate to grow their business, enjoy a better work culture, and take home a greater revenue share—without being tied to an office or specific geographic location.

Sterlington, a leading international law firm, understands lawyers’ needs and provides them with all the support needed to service high-caliber clients and projects while taking home more revenue. Discover Sterlington’s Partner Opportunities.

What Can Virtual Law Firms Accomplish?

Virtual law firms like Sterlington have all of the same capabilities as traditional full-service in-person law firms. The main difference is that virtual law firms allow partners to take home a greater share of their own revenue, provide greater operational and business development support, make extensive use of technology, and allow lawyers to work from anywhere.

Virtual law firms provide full service like traditional law firms. For example, some of the practice areas at Sterlington include:

  • Corporate and M&A: The Sterlington team has led many high-profile deals and utilizes its breadth and depth of experience to manage middle-market M&A, VC, and investment deals.
  • Litigation: The firm regularly represents clients at private equity firms, hedge fund firms, family offices, cryptocurrency companies, and start-ups in both pre-dispute and litigated settings, including arbitrations.
  • Finance: Sterlington’s finance attorneys have experience in complicated finance structures and a wide range of credit, traditional and asset finance, and derivative and structured product transactions. Their expertise encompasses a wide range of legal matters advising and representing clients such as major investment banks, underwriters, issuers, lenders, borrowers, and lessors.
  • Crypto: The firm’s broad-ranging practice encompasses insolvency, finance, corporate governance, litigation, and regulatory matters across borders, representing significant players in the web3, crypto, digital assets, blockchain, and VC industries. Members of the Sterlington team include a former Crypto Vice Chair from a large law firm, a Board member of a regulated crypto trading company, and other attorneys with deep experience in these ground-breaking technologies.
  • Intellectual Property (IP): Sterlington’s IP practice offers integrated advice on all aspects of the protection, enforcement, and exploitation of IP, including patents, trade secrets, and trademarks. The firm represents individuals and corporations, small or large, in their most important IP matters, from providing strategic advice on how to protect their valuable inventions to bet-the-company litigation.

Why Join a Virtual Law Firm

A virtual law firm meets the needs of partners seeking greater flexibility, a modern and inclusive work culture, a “no-politics” culture, and an increased revenue share.Whether you are a solo practitioner or handle a legal team, here’s why you should consider partner opportunities with a virtual law firm and expand your practice of law:

Workplace Flexibility

Virtual law firms allow lawyers to work from anywhere, not just within the confines of a traditional office. This flexibility will enable you to service clients better, faster, and more efficiently. You’ll gain time back to provide higher-quality work and attention to clients. Virtual law firms empower lawyers to design their ideal work environment, whether working from a home office or while traveling or having two homes in different locations at different parts of the year.

Lower Overhead Costs

Virtual law firms reduce overhead costs by eliminating the need for physical office spaces. Lower overhead costs allow virtual law firms to invest in professional services, invest in their tech stack, such as digital tools and platforms, and automate the admin side of their profession.

Contemporary Work Culture

Virtual law firms are redefining the legal landscape. Since virtual law firms are no longer constrained by geographic location, they have the opportunity to hire talent from around the country—fostering a culture that promotes diversity and inclusivity.

Virtual law firms welcome talent from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of geographic location, race, gender, or age. This cultural shift not only enriches the workplace with various perspectives and approaches, but it also helps address the longstanding issue of representation in the legal field.

Higher Income Opportunities 

Partners at virtual law firms can often enjoy higher take-home compensation than their counterparts in traditional firms. With better business development support, more time for clients, and great associates, partners can take home a larger share of their book of business as well as expand their work.Most virtual law firms also operate on a merit-based system, where compensation is directly tied to the partner’s clients and work, enabling high-quality partners to increase their earnings potential in a no-politics environment.

Excel in Your Legal Career With Sterlington

Virtual law firms are transforming the legal industry by offering partners a greater share of income, workplace flexibility, high levels of internal support and service, and a modern work culture. They empower legal professionals to excel in their careers while achieving greater take-home pay.

By joining a virtual law firm like Sterlington, you can enjoy greater flexibility, increased income opportunities, no bureaucracy, high-quality business development support, operational and technology support unmatched at traditional law firms, great associates who welcome working in that environment, and supportive work culture—all in one remote, inclusive. and cohesive office environment.

Become a partner at Sterlington, your virtual law firm, to grow your business and career. Please fill out the form on our website to find out more.