A Really New Leniency Program – Don Klawiter, Antitrust Partner


Sterlington Antitrust Partner, Don Klawiter, had an article featured in the American Bar Association's Summer 2022 Antitrust Magazine.

We are pleased to recognize Sterlington Antitrust Partner, Don Klawiter, for his recent feature article, “A Really New Leniency Program: A Positive, Cooperative and Enthusiastic Partnership for Effective Antitrust Enforcement” in the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Magazine.

Don’s article presents the historical framework for the U.S. criminal enforcement program – past, present and future – through the prism of the leniency program. He then constructs a new leniency plan based on past successes and a good faith partnership of the parties.

Don has been practicing criminal antitrust law for 47 years. He began his career at the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice where he served in several trial and leadership positions. In 2005-2006, Don served as Chair of the ABA’s Section of Antitrust Law. Additionally, he served as Co-Chair of the Section’s Department of Justice/ABA Criminal Working Group, Co-Chair of the Section’s International Cartel Task Force, as well as organizer, co-chair, and speaker at the Section’s International Cartel Workshops from 1997 to 2018.

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